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About The Neurology Group

The Neurology Group

Neurologists located in Miami, FL

The Neurology Group is a world-class, research-driven neurology practice located in Miami. Led by a group of leading physicians with a broad range of specialties and decades of collective experience, The Neurology Group provides only the highest quality medical care to patients from communities throughout southeastern Florida.

The Neurology Group offers a complete menu of diagnostic, management, and treatment services for disorders that affect the central and peripheral nervous systems. This includes disorders of the brain, spine, nerves, and sensory receptors. The practice’s team of experienced and highly-trained neurologists specialize in stroke treatment and post-stroke rehabilitation, sleep disorder management, headache and migraine care, and neurology-related sports medicine.

They’re also leaders in their field when it comes to providing cutting-edge treatment and compassionate care for patients affected by chronic neurological diseases, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and myasthenia gravis. They’re proud to offer state-of-the-art treatment approaches, including Botox® therapy, advanced neurological rehabilitation, physical therapy, speech therapy, and medical marijuana for chronic pain.

The physicians at The Neurology Group are on staff at Baptist Hospital of Miami, South Miami Hospital, and Jackson South Community Hospital.


The Neurology Group
9090 SW 87th Court, Suite 200
Miami, FL 33176
Phone: 305-596-2080
Fax: 305-596-0657

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