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Normally, your neck is incredibly flexible and strong, holding your head upright all day and giving it full range of motion. This highly functional piece of anatomy is also prone to trauma, however, as the bones, discs, ligaments, muscles, and nerves that make up your neck can be injured or impaired in many ways. Whether you’ve had an acute neck injury, or your poor posture has become painful, the expert team of neurologists at The Neurology Group in Miami can help. If you’re in southeastern Florida and are living with neck pain, call or book your appointment online today.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain can be the product of a variety of problems, including:

Muscle strain

This frequent cause of neck pain often comes from spending too much time hunched over your computer, craning your head forward to peer at your phone, or reading in bed.  


A forceful movement that causes your head to rebound, traumatically compressing your neck and spine, can result in a traumatic injury known as whiplash. A whiplash injury may also impact the surrounding tissues, leading to stiffness and chronic pain.

Lower back problems

Alignment issues in your lower back can cause your cervical spine to shift off-center, resulting in neck pain or even headaches.

Other potential causes of neck pain include:

  • Worn or inflamed joints, often caused by arthritis
  • Nerve compression, which can be triggered by herniated discs
  • Chronic stress, which can lead to painful muscle spasms

Why is treatment important?

Even a minor crick in your neck can lead to perpetual discomfort, stiffness, or soreness when you don’t do anything to address it. If neck pain becomes chronic, or lasts for several months, you’ll probably notice that it’s worse when you hold your head in the same position for a long time.

If your problem worsens, you may also experience additional symptoms, including:

  • Tight muscles or muscle spasms
  • Chronic or severe headaches
  • Decreased range of motion

While some people live with neck pain for years, you shouldn’t allow yourself to suffer that long before seeking treatment. Comprehensive pain management techniques, including physical therapy, can provide instant and long-term relief.

If your neck pain is severe, persistent, or accompanied by tingling or numbness, or if it was caused by an accident or injury, make an appointment with a doctor at The Neurology Group as soon as possible.   

What does treatment involve?

After your physician at The Neurology Group performs a comprehensive diagnostic exam, evaluates the extent of your neck pain, and checks for other possible contributing factors, he develops a course of action. The main goal of a balanced treatment plan is to relieve neck pain, address its root cause, and prevent future problems.  

Neck pain is often initially treated with pain relievers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or muscle relaxants. If an injury is causing your pain, you may also need to wear a cervical collar for a few weeks. Physical therapy, including gentle stretching exercises, range of motion exercises, and progressive strengthening exercises, can also be highly beneficial.  

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